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Durham Regional Crime Stoppers
Arrests To Date: 3672
Cases Cleared: 3772
Charges Laid: 10592
Property Recovered: 7,098,726
Drugs Seized: 74,707,188
Cash Seized: 48,055
Total Tips To Date: 32,968
Current as of 30th November, 2015
Ontario Crime Stoppers
Arrests:  120,984
Cases Cleared:  133,316
Rewards Paid:  $7,856,893
Arson Loss Value:  $7,010,979
Property Recovered:  $297,866,278
Drugs Seized:  $2,759,371,283
Total Dollars Recovered:  $3,057,237,560
Current as of 30th November, 2015
Canada Wide Crime Stoppers
Arrests 191,457
Cases Cleared 274,505
Rewards Paid 15,673,382
Arson Loss Value 33,222,140
Property Recovered 555,917,978
Drugs Seized 4,461,652,536
Total Recovered 5,017,680,513
Current as of December 18th, 2015
Global Crime Stoppers 1976-Present
Arrests Made  965,163
Cases Cleared  1,501,776
Rewards Paid  117,562,941
Property Recovered  2,122,776,681
Drugs Seized  8,976,384,548
Total $ Recovered   11,099,161,229
Current as of December 18th, 2015